Welcome to our hitchhiking study!

Your input and experiences are important to our understanding of hitchhiking. We want to know about the times you’ve hitchhiked, whether that’s just once in your life or the way you get around most of the time. We want to know about your bad rides and your good rides, where you’ve gone, and how you stay safe. Your answers will help us understand hitchhikers’ needs and how to make the highways safer.


To answer our quick, anonymous, and confidential web-based questionnaire please go to http://fluidsurveys.com/s/hitchhiking/

If you think you might like to be interviewed about your hitchhiking experiences please email Dr. Jacqueline Holler at hitchhiking@unbc.ca

~ or leave us a note in the “comment” option (below). Your contact information will not be published. You will remain anonymous.

Thanks for visiting us!


We will post information from the survey as it becomes available. Please check back often.

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